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Alaska Postcard #2 - Juneau, Skagway and Anchorage

     Standing in our Sitka hotel lobby at 11:00 A. M. without a room or transportation, we quickly jumped on the motel’s computer and scored three seats on a 6:30 P.M. flight to Juneau.  Our relief, however was leavened with a touch of resentment when we calculated that the 20-minute flight would cost us $176 each, or nearly $9.00/minute!  Compared with our Misty Fjords flight in Ketchikan at a little over $ 2.00/minute, it was sure no bargain, but then beggars can’t be choosers. We were glad to keep our reservations in Juneau and our trip on schedule.

     At 30,000 or so people, Juneau is by far the largest city in Southeast Alaska.  It’s the capital and home to University of Alaska’s Southeast campus.  We toured the state capitol, the state museum, and met-up with Janet’s childhood chum, Alice Mauldin Tersteeg (a retired university art professor).  Alice showed us around and took us out to Mendenhall Glacier–very impressive, notwithstanding that it is receding rapidly.  After Alice, the highlights of our Juneau visit were our accommodations at the Silverbow Inn and a dinner at next door Zephyr Restaurant.  The rooms at the Inn were modern, clean and stylish though the place had sort of a sophisticated counter culture vibe, with great breakfasts including fresh baked goods from their own bakery and wine-tasting in the evening.  Zephyr was a revelation with homemade pasta (we all enjoyed one form or another), a surprising wine list, delectable  flavors, and memorable service.


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