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Postcard #4 Baltic Sea Cruise


Saint Petersburg  Gliding past rusted and abandoned factories, shipyards and piers, Nautica approached the city through what appeared to be the wreckage of Soviet-era industrialization. But when we tied-up at our birth along Leytenanta Shimidta Embankment in the Neva River we felt surrounded by the Baroque former Russian Imperial capital. And ...

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Postcard #3 Baltic Sea Cruise


 The Baltic States The three small countries collectively referred to as the Baltic States have a combined area smaller than Missouri and a population only a bit larger. But they've always occupied a bigger place in our imagination—so we looked forward to our first visit here with eager anticipation.We explored three historic port cities ...

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Postcard #2 Baltic Sea Cruise

Nyhaven, Copenhagen

Copenhagen and Karlskrona The weather is one variable that requires flexibility and adaptability. After a day on the North Sea we were scheduled to arrive at Skagen, at the northern tip of Denmark next morning. The weather however seemed of a different mind—30-40 knot wind and 15-foot swells convinced our Captain, after determining that the local p...

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