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Baltic Sea Postcard #3 - The Baltic States

The three small countries collectively referred to as the Baltic States have a combined area smaller than Missouri, and a population only a bit larger. But they’ve always occupied a bigger place in our imagination—so we looked forward to our first visit here with eager anticipation.  We explored three historic port cities spending most of our time in the historic “old city” centers.

     b2ap3_thumbnail_96982-ecz.jpg    b2ap3_thumbnail_96968-ez.jpg

        Klaipeda sailing ship and Amber jewelry

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Baltic Sea Postcard #2 -Copenhagen and Karlskrona


     The weather is one variable that requires flexibility and adaptability. After a day on the North Sea we were scheduled to arrive at Skagen, at the northern tip of Denmark next morning. The weather however seemed of a different mind—30-40 knot wind and 15-foot swells convinced our Captain, after determining that the local pilot had never docked a vessel under these conditions, to change the plan and continue on to Copenhagen. So, we arrived in Copenhagen that afternoon and had the chance to disembark and wander about the neighborhood enduring a brief shower or two. Docked at Langelinie, near downtown, the pedestrian and bicycle friendly city was easily accessible. We regretted missing a chance to see Skagen, a picturesque fishing village cum artist colony, but c’est la vie! 


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NEWS--Devil's Slide Trail is Open

Never heard of Devil’s Slide?

    Until last year, it was a 1.3 mile stretch of California Highway 1 between the beach communities of Pacifica and Montara south of San Francisco.  We remember, not fondly, white-knuckle driving, eyes focused only on the road as we headed down this winding narrow road to visit friends. 
     This coastal stretch of road has been slowly falling into the Pacific Ocean since it was built in 1927. Often closed due to rocks and landslides, drivers navigated inland, adding up to an hour of driving time. Finally there is an alternate inland route.  The Tom Lantos Tunnels, opened to Highway 1 traffic in 2013, cutting off the unstable, shoreline section.

     b2ap3_thumbnail_79187-e.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_79192-e.jpg

      A guide explains about the active tectonic plates and view from the new park.

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The Cutting Edge -- Getting to (and From) Alcatraz

            Our guide, Wendy, a National Park Service Ranger, pointed out the hole chipped in the concrete back wall of the cell as she explained how prisoners John and Clarence Anglin and Frank Morris managed to escape from Alcatraz in 1962. It turns out theirs was the only attempt that might have been successful during the three decades Alcatraz served as a maximum security Federal prison. “Might,” because though they managed to get off the island, no trace of them (dead, or alive) has ever been found. One other prisoner did manage to swim to the mainland that same year, but he was so exhausted he collapsed on the rocks and was promptly re-arrested. 

   b2ap3_thumbnail_77466-ec.jpg  b2ap3_thumbnail_77469-ec.jpg

           Alcatraz view and Hornblower Hybrid with wind turbines

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